Pathology / Cytology Module

LIS for Pathology / Cytology Testing

Anatomic pathology labs have traditionally struggled with issues like image handling, tracking the progress, pathologist requests for stains and recuts, apart from challenges from reporting like TC/PC separation and management. Labgen takes care of these workflow woes by tackling each of the challenges with intuitive features.

Labgen LIS has built-in features to run and report anatomic pathology tests easily
  • Customized reporting features
  • Supports images from microscope and other sources
  • Use of macros for entry of report sections
  • Allows addendums to the report
  • Pathologists can electronically request special stains and re-cut, etc.
  • Specimen container, cassette and slide barcoding
  • Work in progress tracking by stage
  • Case assignment to pathologists based on client
  • Support TC/PC separation and management
  • Various statistical and management reporting

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