Labgen Portals

With the rise of laboratory automation and the increase need to optimize workflows, operations and day-to-day tasks, Labgen LIS offers a full team of professionals dedicated to provide seamless interfaces and integrations with the top systems.

Physician Portal

  • Paperless Online Order Entry (OOE)
    Order tests via portal reducing your accessioning times in lab and keeping you ahead of demand.

  • Tablet and Signature Pad Compatibility
    Achieve the paperless order entry by capturing physician and patient signatures wherever they are through seamless integration with tablets, computers and signature pads.

  • Insurance Eligibility Checking (Real‐time)
    Patients insurance can be verified at point of order entry eliminating future rejections from papers.

  • EHR Interfaces
    Receive orders and send reports to hundreds of EHR Systems

  • Specimen Barcode Labels
    Check-in orders when they arrive in the lab for quick accessioning and processing.
  • Push Notifications
    Send critical notifications to physicians smartphone for time-sensitive, critical results.
  • Reports Inbox
    As reports are released they become available on the client inbox to be viewed or print. integration with tablets, computers and signature pads

Sales Rep Portal

  • Sales Rep Login
    Provides sales reps with specimen data and financial data to their clients. Also provides analytics to manage clients. Keep track of compliance documents.

  • Client Issue Tracking and CRM
    Manage customer relations by tracking issues from receipt to solution, making sure that all your bases are covered.

  • New Client Registration Forms
    Register clients directly onto the system, ending costly and error prone paper routing.

  • Test Result Analytics
    Clients can get insights on the results to manage their patients better.

  • Client Supply Order Management
    Clients can order supplies online and be informed about fulfillment of those orders.
  • Prospective Client Leads
    Manage prospective client list with contacts, tasks and reminders
  • Order Statistics
    Get insightful order volume and turn-around-time statistics so you can find valuable insights on when and where to supplement operations

Patient Portal

  • Patients can access a web portal to register

  • Patients’ notification via text/email

  • Reports will show as PDF that can be downloaded or printed

DTC Portal

  • Allows patients to fully self-register and order tests and tests kits

  • Built-in scheduling option by location and time slots

  • Gather information about their physician and insurance

  • Patients can be charged online via Credit/debit card