Clinical Lab Module

LIS for Clinical Lab Testing

Labgen reduces overhead and costs by automating such functions as printing patient reports, work lists, client services, and interfacing to instrument analyzers.

Different statistical reports provide the management with important information on laboratory utilization and business and immediate access to lab results via the web portal eliminates calls to the lab for results. In addition, other modules such as billing, document scanning and inventory modules enhance the system functionality.

  • Specimen handling
  • Requisition entry
  • User defined fast requisition entry fields
  • Result entry (automated & manual)
  • On-line checking of results by delta check and panic values
  • Verify & approve the entered results.
  • Worksheets (user defined)
  • Reporting (batch, selectively)
  • User customized reports.
  • Logs and management reports
  • Send-out log for reference labs
  • Reflexive test ordering
  • Stat priority flag
  • Panic/critical results report.

Results and Automation
  • Automatic checking of invalid results
  • Rule based test comments based on results
  • Unlimited free text and canned comments per test
  • Automatic and manual verify/approve results
  • Normal ranges based on gender and age
  • Calculated results
  • Daily and pending logs

  • Customized profiles for different clients
  • Automatic faxing of the reports from the system
  • Automatic printing of the verified reports to designated remote locations
  • Quality control module and reporting
  • Test statistics reports.
  • Test cost analysis report.
  • Automated backups with no down time.
  • Access control and security features.
  • Cross reference tests with diagnosis codes for medical necessity.

Labgen modules

Clinical Lab Module

Automate workflows and operations when performing tests, creating and updating reports and reporting results to physicians.

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Microbiology Module

Ensure instruments are calibrated and processes are smooth while keeping full integrity of your data.

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Pathology / Cytology Module

Take care of image handling, process tracking, reporting and pathology requests effectively.

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Pain Management and Toxicology Module

Streamline workflows surrounding pain management and toxicology testing.

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Pharmacogenomics Module

Customize your system to manage all your wet lab activities for all pharmacogenomics testing.

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Cancer Genetics Module

Support all workflows, reports, requests and results for your cancer genetics testing.

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