Microbiology Module

LIS for Microbiology Testing

Collection and testing of microbiology samples require use of multiple instruments and strict adherence to the protocols. The challenges for the microbiology labs are to ensure that the instruments are calibrated, processes are smooth, and there is integrity of the data that flows between the instrument and the LIS system. A responsive LIS such as Labgen can improve workflows to ensure that the best care can be provided to the patient in a short period of time.

Technology reduces the Complexity involved in Microbiology Testing

With technical advances today, surgery does not necessarily mean large incisions and longer healing times, as in the past. Depending on the type of surgery, there are several surgery methods that may be done:

  • Supports manual and automated methods.
  • User defined worksheets for cultures
  • Interface to microbiology analyzers such as Microscan and Vitek
  • Culture and sensitivity reporting
  • Infection control reporting
  • Organism susceptibility report
  • Antibiotic resistant organism reporting

Labgen modules

Clinical Lab Module

Automate workflows and operations when performing tests, creating and updating reports and reporting results to physicians.

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Microbiology Module

Ensure instruments are calibrated and processes are smooth while keeping full integrity of your data.

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Pathology / Cytology Module

Take care of image handling, process tracking, reporting and pathology requests effectively.

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Pain Management and Toxicology Module

Streamline workflows surrounding pain management and toxicology testing.

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Pharmacogenomics Module

Customize your system to manage all your wet lab activities for all pharmacogenomics testing.

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Cancer Genetics Module

Support all workflows, reports, requests and results for your cancer genetics testing.

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