Pain Management and Toxicology Module

LIS for Pain Management and Toxicology Testing

With the prescription drug use epidemic growing, Labgen has put increased focus on streamlining the workflows surrounding pain management and toxicology testing. An ideal LIS for toxicology testing should be able to compare prescriptions, track patient history, and interface with different LC/MS analyzers effectively. Labgen checks all the boxes when it comes to the essential features.

Pain Management
  • Prescription comparison- compares prescriptions entered to results and flags inconsistencies
  • The report can contain summary sections, graphs, and comparison information as well as results data
  • Multiple report layouts can be used based on the client
  • Track multiple patient visits and specimens. This feature allows a laboratory to develop a patient history over time and be able to report on that history in the patient report
  • Capability of tracking patient prescription medication. Information such as dosage, date taken and PRN status may be entered into LIMS
  • By applying the labs specific interpretive rules, LIS is able to report on whether a positive or negative confirmation result is consistent or inconsistent with the prescribed medication. LIMS is able to integrate challenging parent-metabolite relationships such as with benzodiazepines and opiates into the interpretive reporting logic

  • Customizable work lists for result verification that highlight illicit drug positives as well as prescription inconsistencies
  • Web reporting, a remote user is able to view and graph statistics on toxicology results
  • Instrument results can be automatically posted into LIMS or the laboratory technician can choose to review the results and then manually post
  • Can interface with LC/MS analyzers
  • Automated fax reporting. When a specimen is approved for reporting within LIMS, the report is automatically faxed to the client account without intervention by the laboratory

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