With the rise of laboratory automation and the increase need to optimize workflows, operations and day-to-day tasks, Labgen LIS offers a full team of professionals dedicated to provide seamless interfaces and integrations with the top systems.

Client EHR Interfaces

A seamless integration of laboratory test results into patient health records. By enabling bidirectional data exchange, it ensures that lab orders and results are accurately and efficiently transmitted between systems, enhancing care coordination, reducing errors, and improving overall patient care.

Labgen Proven EHR Interfaces
LabGen EMR Interfaces

Lab Instruments Interfaces

A connectivity enabling a cohesive exchange of data between all lab equipment, instruments and analyzers. These integrations automate the transfer of test orders and results to enhance efficiency, optimize operational processes and improve data accuracy.

Labgen Proven Lab Instruments Interfaces

Reference lab Interfaces

A vital connectivity, to allow healthcare providers to electronically send lab orders and receive results directly from reference labs, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and accelerating turnaround times, as well as enabling timely access to critical diagnostic information.

Labgen Proven Reference Lab Interfaces

Billing Interfaces

An integration to ensure accurate and timely billing, reduce manual data entry errors, and streamline the revenue cycle management; it also facilitates better coordination between laboratory and billing departments, leading to an enhanced financial performance for your lab.

  • Integrated billing and account receivable module handling large volume data common with laboratories

  • Create and maintain billing rules for different payers

  • Exchange billing information with other billing softwares through HL7 interface

  • Complete tracking of test samples through the billing cycle through interface reports