With the rise of laboratory automation and the increase need to optimize workflows, operations and day-to-day tasks, Labgen LIS offers a full team of professionals dedicated to provide seamless interfaces and integrations with the top systems.

Lab Instruments Interfaces

  • Send and receive patient information, test details, and results to and from the instrument directly

  • Eliminate the manual data entry which guarantees 100% accuracy

  • Review the results by technicians before approval for publishing

  • More than 400 device interfaces already built and the number is still growing

Client EHR Interfaces

  • Our own cloud-based MedgenEHR

  • PracticeFusion

  • Allscripts

  • EclinicalWorks

  • And 200+ more

Reference lab Interfaces

  • Interfaces with reference lab LIS for sending orders

  • Collects results electronically through interface to avoid manual entry errors

  • Secure exchange of demographic and test details between labs, being fully compliant with HIPAA

Billing Interfaces

  • Integrated billing and account receivable module handling large volume data common with laboratories

  • Create and maintain billing rules for different payers

  • Exchange billing information with other billing softwares through HL7 interface

  • Complete tracking of test samples through the billing cycle through interface reports

Physician Portal

  • Publish results for the patients and collect orders from the referring physicians through web portal

  • Ability to receive orders and send results to hundreds of EHR systems

  • Real time data sharing for enhanced efficiency

Sales Team Portal

  • Collection of specimen data and financial data. Also provides analytics to manage clients

  • Manage customer relations by tracking issues from receipt to solution, making sure that all your bases are covered

  • Register clients directly onto the system, ending costly and error prone paper routing

  • Clients can get insights on the results to manage their patients better

  • Clients can order supplies online and be informed about fulfillment of those orders